The last century has witnessed an unprecedented expansion of economic activity. Yet the material prosperity generated by this activity is enjoyed by only a small portion of the earth’s population, and extremes of wealth and poverty are growing. In addition, the prevailing approach to economic expansion is beginning to undermine the local and global ecosystems that human health and well-being depend on.

Harmony Equity Group (HEG) is fostering a learning community focused on developing just and sustainable economic enterprises that lead to shared human prosperity. The founders of HEG believe that the fundamental purpose of economic activity is to contribute to the betterment of the world and the advancement of civilization. Toward this end, HEG is pursuing a systematic approach to learning that seeks, ultimately, to re-invent the modern corporation. The HEG learning community consists of a growing network of likeminded individuals and organizations who are committed to a common conceptual framework and who are actively contributing to the collective learning process that derives from that framework.